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ProECU-K new Update

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ProECU-K's latest Version ( is available for download now: here

Beside of some bug fixes we added some new features:

* support for external Traction Control added
Connect a Traction Control System with 0-5 Volt output (i.e. Hondata) to the ECU and
reduce the power by ignition retard or ignition cut depending on the signal the TCS sends to the ECU.

* additional PWM Output (i.e. for speed controlled Waterpump or Fan) added

Speed Control a Waterpump, Fan, etc. direct from the ECU.
Hardware modification to manual ECUs are neccassary. Find more informations about this in the download area.

* Enable/Disable Launch Control added
Customers wish.

* Push & Hold Rev-Limiter added
For cars without a speedsensor. Mount a button on the steering wheel. As long the button is pressed the
current RPM is the speed limiter. Even useful for pit-lane-limiter.

* VSS Correction added
Vehicle Speed correction for Datalog, and additional peripheral connected to the expansion bus (Dashboards & converters)

* Chargelight as Output added (only for cars with Multiplexer Bus)
Use the Chargelight in the stock instrument Cluster as additional indicator.
Only for cars with stock instrument cluster connected by the stock multiplexer system (i.e. RSX, Civic Type-R, DC5, etc.)

* new Keyboard Shortcuts added
Makes work more comfortable and quicker. I.e. F10 to connect/disconnect, F9 to datalog start/stop,
[CTRL]+L to clear the Wideband readout.

* new Options in Errorhandler added (IACV, AF Sensor Resonse, VTS added)
suppress error codes of not installed systems by just checking the boxes.

* Quick Jump Popup menu added
Navigate fast trough the editor window. Just right-click outside of a field to popup the quick-jump-menu.

* Notes (free Text) added
A free to enter text area to put down notes about the setup. Up to 512 characters.

* Fuel & Ignition Correction by Gear added
Correct fueling and ignition timing by gear.
With the additional TPS threshold it can be used as a kind of "acceleration rate correction".
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