Docu: VTEC Window

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Docu: VTEC Window

Postby Doc » Fri Feb 13, 2015 12:00 am

With ProECU-K you have full control over the VTEC parameters and the VTEC window.
The VTEC Window alows you to set several VTEC cross over point per load.
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The Parameters are:
Enable VTEC above RPM - mean, below this point is absolutly no VTEC, only above this RPM the VTEC function is armed.
force VTEC on above RPM - regardless of load, at this RPM the ECU switches to the high cam.
min VSS: you need to travel at least this speed or faster to active the VTEC
min ECT: the Engine/Coolant has to be at least this value to enable VTEC
VTEC Window: RPM vs Load - the values of the RPM has to increase from left to right and
the values of Load has to decrease from left to right.

The easiest way to set the VTEC crossover points is:
Put the high load crossover RPM in the "Enable VTEC above" and in the first column of the VTEC Window.
Put the low load crossover RPM in the "force VTEC on above" and in the last column of the VTEC Window.
Select all cells in the VTEC Window and press [ALT]+[H] for Interpolate horizontally

If you want to shortcut the VTEC Window you can do following:
Put in the first column the high load crossover RPM and in the second column the low load crossover RPM. (dont forget to set the load (second row) to your desired values).

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Re: Docu: VTEC Window

Postby Tierlord » Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:13 am

Select all cells in the VTEC Window and press [ALT]+[H] for Interpolate horizontally

How do you select all cells in the VTEC Window? It doesn't seem to work...

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Re: Docu: VTEC Window

Postby davidc1 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:53 pm


I have the ProECU-S2K and am very happy with it but for one thing.

Regarding the VTEC window....The S2000 is geared pretty tall, meaning it runs pretty high rpms, even in 6th gear on the highway.

It would be very useful to add a parameter for the TPS. As it is now, after tuning, the VTEC engagement rpm is usually around 4400rpm. That puts it at fast highway cruising speeds here in the US of about 120kph (75mph).

This means that it will switch to the high cam under partial throttle while just driving normally.

All the other ECU tuning solutions contain a TPS sensor parameter for VTEC so that we can keep VTEC off unless we are above 50% throttle for example.

Could you please add a setting in the software for VTEC to include the TPS?

Thank you very much for producing this cool product.

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